Lisa de Prudhoe

Lisa De Prudhoe is a contemporary constructivist painter whose work has been shown all over the world. Her spatial compositions are explorations that involve dedicated, time-intensive techniques, often leading to dozens of layers of paint on the canvas.  The result is an extraordinary use of colour, shape, and form that projects not only a distinctive vitality but encourages deeper perceptions of balance, movement, density, and depth of field.

These limited edition prints have been produced from the original paintings by Lisa De Prudhoe and published in very small editions of only 100 copies per image.

The images have been printed on archival grade paper with generous borders and the sizes quoted are the image sizes.  The prints can be purchased framed or unframed and the prices are based on you collecting from Knutsford.  We will be happy to give you a quote if you wish to have your order delivered.  Please call us to discuss on 01565 650563 or 07773 121 574, or email via the Enquiry form or via our Contact page.

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