Graham Hudson

Born in Manchester in 1960, brought up in Ardwick, Graham now lives in a village in West Yorkshire called Holmfirth “Last of the Summer Wine” country.

A self-taught artist with a natural aptitude for drawing from early childhood, Graham’s artistic skills began by drawing lifelike portraits of family members and copying photographs of celebrities and cartoon figures.

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He began painting about 1997 and it took a whole year of daily unsuccessful attempts until one day… there was a breakthrough and from that moment he believed he could paint.

Working from his studio in Manchester and sharing a studio with a fellow artist, Graham continues to develop his skills using both traditional and contemporary materials and techniques, working to capture the ineffable spirit of the chosen subject.

He studied martial arts and boxing from the age of 13 and became the British Professional Kickboxing Champion in 1983. He also boxed as an amateur for two of Manchester’s most renowned boxing clubs.

Graham now works for Mustard Tree, the wonderful charitable organisation that combats poverty and strives to prevent homelessness across Greater Manchester. Graham’s journey with Mustard Tree is an almost miraculous story:

After the breakdown of a long term relationship and struggles with alcoholism, Graham found himself sleeping rough and was homeless for around 3 years. He eventually went into a hostel where a key worker sent him to Mustard Tree as part of a ‘get well plan’. He went there reluctantly but then realised that Mustard Tree could save his life. It was here, whilst working as a volunteer that Graham was given the opportunity to paint and he started to build a Creative Programs Facility within Mustard Tree. In 2012 he became a full-time member of staff as the Creative Programs Manager. This roll continued until 2019 when he became the Facilities Manager and part of the Mustard Tree Leadership Team.

Graham continues to paint portrait commissions as well as abstract and expressionistic work which continues to be, for him, amongst the most exciting of artistic endeavours.