Hideyuki Sobue

Hideyuki Sobue is a Japanese artist who gleans inspiration from all things, from the animate and the inanimate, but especially from the beautiful environs of the Lake District where he has lived for many years. His work is finely detailed. “I employ a brush hatching technique using acrylic and Japanese sumi ink, which I’ve invented and developed in recent years. This is also inspired by the classic method disegno, based on drawing, established in Florentine school in early Renaissance era.”

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Hideyuki has completed several themed projects, the last three were based on artistic and influential people who lived in the Lake District.  2019 was the year he worked on his project ‘Conversation with Ruskin’  In 2020 his project was ‘Wordsworth, Rawnsley and Lake District’.  His latest was based on Beatrix Potter, ‘A Letter to the Earth from Beatrix’. 

Hideyuki’s work on this website are all taken from the last two projects.  The coloured acrylic pieces are from ‘Wordsworth, Rawnsley and Lake District’, and the animal drawings are from ‘A Letter to the Earth from Beatrix’.

Between 2009 and 2013 His work was included in mixed exhibitions at the Wendy Levy Gallery in Didsbury as well as being shown as a solo exhibition there. 

More recently he has worked closely with the National Trust on his various projects which have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Extensive information about his work and his projects can be found on his website: https://www.hideyukisobue.co.uk