Janina Cebertowicz


Janina Cebertowicz


During the 1980’s and 90’s Janina’s work was exhibited at The Tib Lane Gallery which was then the most established and respected gallery in the heart of Manchester.  In 2013 she had a solo exhibition at the Wendy Levy Gallery in Didsbury, Manchester.

Janina is a true artist; more concerned with the making of paintings and drawings than the business of exhibiting.  There is no room for commercialism in her work.  She is indeed a producer of fine art and is one of the best, yet underestimated, painters working in the north west today.  To read more please click here

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If you would prefer to see any of the actual paintings before making a purchase please contact Wendy Levy to arrange a viewing,  likewise to discuss collection or delivery, or if you have any other queries regarding this artist’s work.  Please contact Wendy on 01565 650563 or mobile: 07773121574 or send an email via our contacts page click here.



Janina Cebertowicz