Janina Cebertowicz

During the 1980s and 90s Janina’s work was exhibited at The Tib Lane Gallery which was then the most established and respected gallery in the heart of Manchester. In 2013 she had a solo exhibition at the Wendy Levy Gallery in Didsbury, Manchester.

2013 Exhibition and interview, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNng8M8Bla8&t=89s

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Janina is a true artist; more concerned with the making of paintings and drawings than the business of exhibiting. There is no room for commercialism in her work. She is indeed a producer of fine art and is one of the best, yet underestimated, painters working in the north west today. Her work is cathartic, expressing a spiritual 3D that goes much deeper than the surface of the canvas. Her subject matter, often quite simple but expressing the complexity of its essence. There is nothing superficial about this artist’s work.

Music is another passion of hers, especially opera. She can regularly be found in the wings at the Royal Northern College of Music where she visually documents and portrays operatic scenes whilst they are being performed. The artist finds in opera performances the subject matter which she finds compelling; the expressive, moving figure and dramatic light and shade.

She was married to the late Don McKinlay and is in the process of putting together a body of work and a video of the work which is dedicated to him.