Colin Taylor Online Exhibition 2019

Our latest online exhibition features work by COLIN TAYLOR. The exhibition will run from 12th June until 28th July.

Colin Taylor is a painter based in Manchester, England. His interest is in landscape and our experience of it. He is an experienced climber as well as an established artist whose work has been exhibited throughout the UK, the United States and Europe.

We have selected paintings from a variety of places visited by the artist, both in England and abroad. Please click on the images to enlarge and better appreciate each wonderful piece. The paintings can be purchased online, however, if you prefer to see the actual piece before you buy, a viewing can be arranged by calling Wendy Levy on +44 (0)7773121574 or emailing:

Your purchase can be collected from Knutsford by appointment or you can contact Wendy to get a quote for delivering the work to your address. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries. All enquiries will be dealt with as soon as possible.

More information and artist’s statement:

Colin Taylor’s paintings are greatly influenced by his climbing, and vice versa. His work is best described in his own words: “I am motivated by the idea of a visual language that communicates more than what I see or what I can explain. In truth, it is probably more about what I can’t explain, but know to be there. Whilst I have only just started to unwrap what that proposition means in terms of my own arts practice, (and in all probability I doubt that I will ever get to its core), my belief in its importance is now well established. For some time I had been sure that there was some kind of reciprocal relationship between the experience of being within a huge natural landscape and my own art practice. It took some time though, before this connection became obvious enough for me to understand that climbing mountains was less of a physical activity and much more of a psychological challenge. That realisation meant that I had to find a way of embedding something of the effort and emotion experienced into my work and not just reproduce the visual panorama in a factual and leaden way. This intangibility is of course impossible to nail down since it defies known logic, verbal explanation, and is ever-changing – but it seems to me, just about plausible that you can paint or draw ‘about’ the landscape experience, and not just the landscape itself. There is a sense of uncertainty about the proposition and I readily admit that I don’t really hold out much hope in unearthing some kind of confirmation – but then it is only with uncertainty that real creativity exists at all and what emerges from such uncertainty are ‘outcomes’, not solutions. Each painting, drawing, sketch or scribble is an imperfect outcome but which hopefully adds a little to the experience beyond leaden fact. In another context, someone once described painting as a ‘site of struggle, doubt and pleasure’ and this is just about as good a definition of the act of painting as I have found, (interestingly, it applies equally well to climbing mountains), each painting or drawing is either a continuation or reaction against previous image and only a bridge between that and the next and it is within each, that the ‘struggle’ has to be played out.”

There are no paintings available at this time

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